Surroundings & activities

The surroundings and places of interest in the Morvan

In this part of Burgundy you will find wooded hills, tranquil valleys and hedge-lined country roads. A hiking and biking paradise. There are many hiking and biking trails in the immediate vicinity of our campground.

La Tagnière

Le Paroy is situated on a hill above the village of La Tagnière, some 25 km south of the historic regional center of Autun La Tagnière is one of the crossroads of the voies celtes, 300 km of ancient Celtic (hiking) roads The Celts (Gauls) left more traces in the area, such as the Bribracte fortress on Mont Beuvray, a famous archaeological site. To the northwest rises the more rugged plateau of the Morvan; to the southeast, the landscape becomes more expansive and the pastures give way to vineyards


The rich Burgundian culture put its stamp on the cities of Dijon and Beaune, both an hour's drive away. We have prepared day trips for you

Our campground is located in the Parc Régional du Morvan, a 243,000-acre protected natural park. The hilly, wooded landscape is graced by numerous rivers, lakes, small farms and old villages.

For bird lovers, our campsite and its immediate surroundings is a true paradise. Some of the birds spotted by our guests: hoopoe (photo), nightingale, chiffchaff, greylag, yellowhammer, red spotted woodpecker, tree falcon, tawny owl, harrier, european canary, etc.

Burgundy has three main wine regions: the Chablis, the Côte d’Or and the Saône Valley (Chalonnais and Mâconnais). Here you will find centuries-old vineyards and distinguished wine cellars. Beaune (70 km from our campsite) and Mâcon (100 km) are well-known wine towns.

You can appreciate the architecture of the Abbaye of Cluny even without being religious. And those who are open to it can gain inner strength close to the campsite at the Temple of the 1000 Buddhas in Le Boulay, the largest Buddhist temple in Europe.

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Le Paroy Activities

It is a wonderful area for a nice walk and to enjoy the tranquility of nature.


From the campground, walk into the beautiful surroundings. We have plotted several walks for you. The so-called. Voies Celtes (Celtic roads) are wonderful hiking trails through unspoiled nature. In La Tagnière and the surrounding villages, over 20 routes have been plotted through the department. Saone et Loire. Distances range from 4 to 20 km. 7 km from the campsite is Uchon, the jewel of the Morvan, a unique nature and hiking area. Our hiking trails are also suitable for mountain biking.


Cycling in the immediate area we recommend for the experienced cyclist (VVT, road bike, electric powered) because of the rolling landscape. From the campsite you can make many wonderful bike tours.The bike tours are suitable for the cyclist (asphalt roads) and for the VVT (marked trails). In the Saone-et-Loire, the government has built many beautiful bike paths specifically for cyclists and skaters, these are flat and run along canals (“old towpaths”) or on paths where there used to be a railroad line. So nice and quiet, beautiful surroundings and flat. These bike trails are 30-50 km from the campground. We also have for you a wonderful day trip in the surroundings of Beaune in combination with a nice bicycle tour. Bicycles can be rented in Beaune.


12 km from our campground is a cozy, new outdoor pool, in Etang-sur-Arroux. 30 km away you will find 3 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, with long slides, etc. In Thil-sur-Arroux, 12 km away, there is a small lake with a nicely maintained shore with picnic areas and toilets.


Fishermen get their money’s worth here. There are many lakes where carp can be fished especially. There is a small lake in the campground where fishing is free. The fish pond is currently being renovated. This project is expected to be completed starting in 2023.

Other sights & activities

Cistercian Abbey

As the jewel of northern Burgundy, the Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay is an absolute must-see when trekking through the Morvan. Today it is known as the oldest monastery in France.The Abbey of Fontenay is a former Cistercian abbey in Burgundy, in the municipality of Montbard. The abbey is considered a good example of 12th-century Cistercian architecture, where complete seclusion was possible due to its architecture and location in a secluded and green valley. This abbey is named after the fountains that decorate its gardens.

Lakes of the Morvan

North of the Regional Nature Park, the large lakes are inviting for active outings and sports on calm waters. Are you in need of relaxation? At the lakes of the Morvan, it certainly succeeds! Lake Settons, for example, offers water sports opportunities for everyone. Opt for a canoe trip to the big island, where many bird species nest and set foot on a new continent. Water biking, horseback riding and mountain biking are other ways to enjoy the vast natural areas with the family.

La Charité-sur-Loire

La Charité-sur-Loire is a picturesque village in the Nièvre department that owes its name to the charity or charité of the monks. It is a medieval city on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1998. Get on the major roads to Santiago de Compostela, it continues to draw pilgrims. History begins in 1059. The bishop of Auxerre, Hugo of Champallement, donated his land at a place called "Seyr" (along the Loire) to Hugo of Semur, abbot of Cluny, who was to build a monastery.


Autun owes its name to the Roman princeps Augustus, who founded the city Augustodunum on the site of present-day Autun around the beginning of our era. He wanted to found a city in Gaul that would express the power of Rome. Therefore, Autun was given some impressive buildings; the remains of many Roman structures, including a theater and city gates, can still be seen from some of them.

Château Bazoches

Against the hills of the Morvan, not far from Vézelay, the castle raises its towers. Under Louis XIV, it was Vauban's home. Now the château forms the romantic backdrop of the Nuits musicales. This symbolic place offers 1001 possibilities. Bazoches represents the art de vivre in Burgundy!

Castle of Cormatin

Situated in the heart of Southern Burgundy, between Tournus and Cluny. Originally a fortress, it was completely converted into a castle by Antoine du Blé in the seventeenth century. Since then, the Renaissance castle continues to impress people with its beautiful interior made in the style of Louis XIV.

Bibracte, Mount Beuvray

Titled Site naturel remarquable, Bibracte is a museum of Celtic civilization and an important research center. Numerous activities put Gallic civilization within reach of the whole family. The name Bibracte possibly means doubly fortified. Bibracte, founded on one of the peaks of the Haut-Morvan, was the capital of the powerful tribe of the Haedui.

Channels of Burgundy

The canals of Burgundy were built between the 17th and 19th centuries. They competed with the railroad. Now they bear witness to the history of the areas they cross. For driftwood and transportation of pottery... The canals of Burgundy have a long history and were dug out by man by hand. Sailor's legs are not needed to explore this 1,000-km-long water network. It is unique in France.

Other outdoor sports opportunities

Mountain biking / golf (2 golf courses within 30 km) / hang gliding.

Tourist information

We have tourist information available for you. As hosts, we are happy to provide you with any information you may require about the area. Do you have specific questions? We will do our best to serve you.

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